DA Binaural Beats Meditation


Binaural Beats music is a new technology that has is rooted in the past. But what are binaural beats?


The word binaural means “having or relating to two ears”. This represents the process, which works by simultaneously sending different sound frequencies to each ear through headphones. This creates an entrainment effect in the brain that upon hearing the two tones of different frequencies, the brain perceives a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies. Indigenous cultures understood that consistent, rhythmic sound had extremely powerful healing and spiritual benefits. Shamans typically use a consistent beat at a steady rate of 4.5 beats per second. This consistent beat induces a trance-like state that shifts the brain into a low Theta brainwave state. In fact, in almost every ancient culture, repetitive beat formats have played an important role in wellbeing and health.


For example: through the use of repetitive drumming and chanting, Tibetan monks, shamans, Hindu healers and master Yogis have been able to induce specific brainwave states for transcending consciousness, healing, concentration and spiritual growth. In our modern world, we are constantly on the go, creating stress and imbalance in our bodies. If we pause and take look back at our ancestors, we will find that they had the answers all along. We have created a specific binaural beats track to listen to while using our Tepezcohuite mask or while using our rose quartz roller.

For optimal results listen to this track with headphones. The brain will only respond in the intended way if it receives the sound frequencies at the same time through headphones.  

Just grab a pair of headphones, relax and press play. 


The following frequencies are contained in this track: