Meet Our Founders


Helen Pacey was born in Idaho, near a Nez Perce Reservation. Her love of botany stemmed from her mother, and through her relationship with the elders, strengthened her connection to spirit and mother earth. She married into a Mexican family at a very young age, and with the mentorship of her mother-in-law, Dora, learned the Curandera ways. Helen cared for Dora in the last stages of her life, which prompted her to attend nursing school. She has been a nurse for nearly four decades.


Martha Marlton was raised in Tucson, Arizona. Her path was completely altered after a spiritual experience in New Mexico, where she was reintroduced to the art of Curanderismo. Along with the teachings came the memories of her grandmother, Dora, the values instilled by her mother, Helen, and the family stories passed down to her as a child. Martha is an intuitive spiritual coach, helping her clients discover their soul purpose in life.