Dora’s Apothecary honors the knowledge and natural gifts practiced by our indigenous Mexican community.

While attending a curanderismo class in Albuquerque, New Mexico, co-founder Martha Varela found everything she had been searching for: her native roots. She was immersed in a familiar culture, and surrounded by the interests she cultivated growing up - energy work, readings, crystals, herbs, candles, incense, powders.

All were reminiscent of her childhood, the times she would sneak into her great-grandmother’s apothecary cabinet and dig up copal, medicinal potions, and herbs in their family home in San Antonio, Texas. Her experiences in the University of New Mexico reconnected her to the art of curanderismo (mexican folk medicine), a Southern wisdom tradition practiced by all the curanderas in her family.

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We stand in the belief that the earth provides us with everything we need, if we just look.

Martha stumbled upon tepezcohuite oil at a local mexican market, with the intention of buying nopal pads for a beauty remedy she had been perfecting with Helen. Though she knew nothing about its healing properties, Martha was drawn to the brown labeled product and ended up taking one home with her. Both incorporated the oil in  their first round of beauty masques and cremes, gifting them to their family members the same way that her grandmother Dora would during her living years. All were shocked to find how rapid their skin healed, and that’s when they knew they had something special in their hands.

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We encourage all women to learn to love themselves, inside and out.

Dora’s Apothecary is named after Martha’s grandmother, Dora, a curandera total who always preached the importance of good skin hygiene, and that self-care was revolutionary. Our family company is an ode to all of the curanderas in our family, with the hope that you bring more love and mindfulness into your own beauty routine.

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