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Thoughtful Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 12th and while everyone is scrambling to find those thoughtful last minute Mother's Day gift ideas, I have been wondering how many Mother's Day gifts actually end up at Goodwill? I know, this seems odd, being that I AM one of those people who is trying to sell said products. But hear me out.

Of course, I bought my mom a few trinkets, but the main gift that I am working on is a genuine heartfelt letter (in my own handwriting), sharing a few ways that her influence has made me the person that I am today.

I have been binge-watching Tiding Up, and it inspired me to do a massive purge. In the process, I came across this letter that my mom had written to me when I was thirteen. And It brought me to tears, for one because I was a hot mess back then, and we used to fight like cats and dogs.

My thirteen-year-old Aries moon was all about letting my mom know that she was NOT the boss of me.

The other thing that it brought up was that in this day and age of texting, emailing, Instagram and Amazon, nobody takes the time to connect authentically anymore. Everything is so impersonal. We are all so disconnected from the natural rhythm of human connection. And like clockwork, Mother's Day rolls in and we are all shuffling around to grab Mom some gift that she probably doesn't even want anyway.


I’m pretty sure I thought this outfit was big time.


Anyway, it got me thinking about some heartfelt ways that we can honor Mom this Sunday. And here's the list I came up with:

1. Write her a letter, sharing a few childhood stories that are forever burned in your memory, that laid the foundation for the person you are today.

2. If you are a good artist, gift her a drawing, or a painting or even a poem.

3. Go for a hike and tell her all of the things you loved about your childhood.

4. Ask her about her favorite memories of her mother and grandmother, and just listen.

5. Tell her your favorite thing about her, and then add a reminder in your phone to text her a love text once a week.

This Sunday let's take some time to truly connect and absorb the wisdom that only our mothers and grandmothers can share.

Remember, you are your ancestors, and your ancestors are you.

Oh yeah, and if you DO want to buy mom a little something, check out a few of our favorite products.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there. You are the teachers, you are the protectors; you are the love that makes the world go around.

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Live well. Be happy. Give back. Know your truth. Heal yourself.


With love and gratitude,